Useful Links

Prostate Cancer UK (PCUK) – an excellent site, which also offers a range of leaflets and fact sheets about prostate cancer free of charge to individuals in the UK:  Somerset Prostate Support Association are now partners of PCUK.

The Prostate Cancer Support Federation – now known as “Tackle”, is an organisation of UK patient-led prostate cancer support groups. It is the only UK-wide patient-led charity that acts and speaks for prostate cancer patients and their families. SPSA has Membership of the Federation which is open to any patient-led support group.

The “New” Prostate Cancer Info link – Always up to date with everything that is new in treatments and research for prostate cancer. The site is run by doctors who help to cut through the technical jargon and explain reports in layman’s terms.

PubMed – this is a free version of the Medline database that is used by doctors and researchers around the world. Just type into the search box the subject (treatment, drug etc,) you wish to know about and you will be sure to find it.

Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer – this American web site is written by men who have hormone refractory cancer. It gives lots of detailed information about cancer that is no longer responding to hormone therapy.

Prostate Cancer News – this gives the latest news including clinical trials progress. the site is linked to AstraZeneca websites.