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Get Checked

Get Checked

  The PSA test is a simple blood test. If you’re over 50 you should have it done. Catching prostate cancer early gives you a far better chance of fighting it.  Ask your GP.    

Know Your Risk

Prostate Cancer UK has a new infographic and booklets – visit the website HERE.  

Treatment Help

www.myprostate.eu is now also available in English and prostate cancer patients can exchange information and help each other with treatment decisions.  

Buddies Support

A NEW emotional support service is being offered to people affected by cancer, called Macmillan Skype Buddy. To use it, you need Skype and an email account. The charity is also looking for volunteers to train as buddies. See www.skype-macmillan.com Macmillan Bristol Buddies is also a new service to support adult cancer patients. It offers […]